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We are the creative minds behind this site, also we are gods.

CEO - Obamas Cock | AKA. Public Enemy #1


This site started off as a simple little online Journal, then I decided to expand the idea, and make the site a journal for everyone. Meaning anyone can post here, thats when I thought about putting a profile system. I started to create a social network, then I realized profiles are a hassle not only to code, but to also setup. You have to insert stuff into a database hope it doesn't get hacked. So I decided to say screw that, and just let you post whatever the hell you want to on threads. Privacy is virtually none, but this isn't really meant for storing passwords, debit cards, etc. This is a site for sharing stuff, and a bit of social interaction. This is also a site to market yourself. You can post links to other websites, and post a link to anything really. The whole point of this site is freedom. Of course html is mostly off limits due to the fact that you can easily inject it, and ruin the site.

How to post

Posting is super simple just go to a category, or post on the main thread if you want, and click the link in the left hand corner saying [make a post]. Its that easy, and you can post whatever you like on the main thread, but try to be curtious, and post stuff related to the categories on the certain category thread that you post on. If you post something overly unrelated your post will be removed.


We do not appreciate spam on [theanonymouspost], but we do somewhat accept it, if you are caught making the same post over, and over we will delete them. Also a captcha is required for you to fill out before every post

Request Category

To request a new category be added fill out a form at our contact page. There you can ask for stuff to be added to the website. We will try to update the site as soon as possible.