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Obamas Cock

11:15:16:am 07/11/20

Hope you guys Like the changes

The site design has been changed, and its a lot easier to use the site on Smart Phones.

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Obamas Cock

02:49:36:pm 25/10/20

Changes That Have Been Made

Nothing has really changed, but the design.

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12:37:54:pm 22/10/20


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Obamas Cock

12:23:20:pm 20/10/20

Any ideas

Any ideas any users have feel free to share them, I'm trying to make the site better. I'm trying to work on the design since I put it together in like 3 days, and never fixed it, but if there are any features you would like to be added you can talk to me about it.

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Obamas Cock

02:57:41:pm 18/10/20

Turtle Thread

This is a thread for users to posts turtle pics lol.

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03:48:47:pm 16/10/20


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Obamas Cock

10:59:53:am 16/10/20


Welcome to the anonymous post. I have made a lot of major changes to the function and design of the site. I hope you enjoy these changes If you have any questions contact me at https://myspace.windows93.net/?id=14311. Thanks for visiting the site.

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