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zettie spaghetti

09:58:57pm 23/Feb/21


danganronpa is a video game in the form of a visual novel 10/0 recommend

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cabinet man

07:46:31am 27/Dec/20


I'm addicted to this new game called FIFA 21 and it's made by this worst company called ea and I like football so that's why I am addicted to this game. please help.

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07:48:28am 14/Dec/20

Thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077

So what are your thoughts on Cyberpunk so far? Personally, I love it, but I could see people being disappointed that it doesn't 100% match their expectations. Is it fair to compare a game to the hype it got pre-release?

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07:08:35pm 16/Nov/20


yo I'm the real caleb from blood ask me any question

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Obamas Cock

11:35:56:am 16/10/20

Cyberpunk 2077 is close

November 19th bro I can't wait. This game has been so Hyped up I just hope its good. But Cd projekt red has hardly ever let me down.

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