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9-1-20 Site Launch

This the day the site has officially launched. It will be a journey the goal is at least 100 recurring users. Yes 100, I know sounds small, but marketing is not my strong suite. The site currently is very limited with features, but they will be added. The site is still in development, and isnt finished since its a dynamic page. Things will change everyday, and the goal is to add features.

10-16-20 Changes/Updates

The Site has been completely overhauled. The reply system has been improved, and now users can post pictures on the certain board. Aswell some security issues that the site had with posts has been fixed. Not only has the function of the site changed, the design of the site has changed. Things Like the Picture Wall have been removed, and the layout has been updated. Now you can see the latest posts made on the site via the home page, and see which board they were posted on. Users can now search for very specific posts that they are looking for by just typing in the name and subject. Note all former posts were removed, and boards may have been removed and may be added back.

10-20-20 Slight Changes

A few things have been added. You can now enlarge images by clicking on them. The home page now shows the latest pictures that users have posted, boards also have a picture catalog where you can see just the pictures from posts.